Software Solutions

HAL Robotics software solutions are built as extensible frameworks for real time interactions, sensor integration and machine interconnectivity. These connections between devices are critical for adaptability, safety and autonomy in robotics, lending our software to both traditional off-site manufacturing and robots in changing environments i.e. on-site. These solutions are directly integrated in your preferred software for a seamless workflow from design to production.


Robotic Fabrication

Architectural design development is now an almost exclusively computer-bound process and as such our tools have developed to give us freedom of form, generation methodologies and representational techniques. As numerically controlled actors in the physical world, industrial machines offer architects a perfect means of materialising our digital designs. Their speed, precision and strength are unparalleled and can therefore facilitate bespoke fabricaion processes with unique parts whilst respecting financial and technical limitations. HAL Robotics offer the programming & monitoring solutions to automate your non-standard production batches directly from your AEC program.


Collaborative Robotics

Available in various sizes and weights, robot arms can be equipped with different sensing and control technologies to complete on-site jobs in collaboration with workers or other machines. HAL Robotics provide robust real-time communication libraries and user interfaces for common industrial robot controllers, allowing users to integrate complex interactions between mobile or stationary machines and their surroundings.


New Applications of Robotics

At the forefront of the research community focusing on new applications of robotics for architecture since 2012, HAL Robotics has participated in the creation of a dozen architectural robotics laboratories in Europe and Asia. Supporting researchers in more than 200 universities and research labs, HAL Robotics is providing state of the art technical solutions and services to both academic and industrial R&D partners.HAL Robotics community